RenWerX is at it again, and needs more talented people!

This first person shooter done in the Tribes style will blow your socks off.

We are currently at .5 of Alpha and we are holding weekling games for testing purposes.
We are in need of skilled 3D modelers/Animators and Concept Artists, serious applicants need only apply.
This is an all volunteer project and the game will be freely distributed.

All artists will receive credit for their respective work!

To check out our game go to and watch the shader engine in action( XViD:
Windows Media: .

To find out more about RenWerX go to
Join the forums( discussion to observe the community involvement in this game.
Join #renwerx IRC Dynamix channels to enjoy up to the minute details and to keep up to date on the activities in real time.

If you are interested in helping out you can email our recruiter at [email protected]
Feel free to post here with questions. Babz… aka Badazzbiotch from 2 and Renwerx/Ascension Project

You really need to work on the textures in the game. Frankly, they look flat and low-res.

Need a texture person?

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