Reom - Anatomical Mesh for MB-Lab


Reom is an “Anatomical Mesh” Project that aims to provide a strong dynamic base for character creation, based on human anatomy rather than the general-purpose smoothness found in the common model.

The mesh in the video uses a Standard Skeleton with Weight Painting
No ShapeKeys and No Additional Deformers,
Proper posing was used to complement the anatomical features.

BaseMesh polycount: 3k
SubD 1 Polycount [WireFrame Version] : 14k

Current features:

  • Game-Ready
  • UDIM Support
  • Procedural Muscle Volume [Through Displacement]

Reom will be available for FREE as a part of MB-Lab in future updates, Feedback is welcomed.

Note: Yeah he looks like he has 0 fat because we haven’t been feeding hi-… I mena because the Fat layer will be designed separately.



Please tell me what sort of screenshots would you like to see of the mesh so I can do a FAQ and answer your much as possible :+1:

Procedural muscle volume… does that mean when the arm is flexed (for example) the biceps will expand/change shape? This looks like a fantastic model.

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Thank you, I mean more like in the design stage where you decide to add muscle to your character

it’s usually done via Shapekeys and has an “Upper limit”
in this one it’s based on vertex weights and the mesh topology, technically you can increase the size without an upper cap

I have always been interested in “alternative topology” although my character work has never really got to far. I will definitely look into this when it gets into MB. I look forward to seeing how it comes out.

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Glad to hear, I might release some early test versions to get feedback too so there’s that, I’m currently releasing some on the MB-Lab Discord server, feel free to check it out (link is in the video description)

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That looks crazy! I stay tuned :wink:

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Looks pretty good. Where can we see the shoulder rig?