Reopen File loses UV Textures applied in UV Editor

I am very new to Blender.

I was trying to learn how to use background reference planes to model. I created a mesh plane for my front view and another for the side view. In the UV editor I loaded an image for each view and arranged their placement. Once I was happy with how they looked, I saved the file.

Now, when I reopen the file, my textures are gone and I must reapply them. This makes what I’ve done unsuitable, since the textures must be lined up again.

I appreciate any assistance.

I’m not sure about the link between UV coords and material either, so take this with a grain of salt:
I think that UV coordinates and images aren’t stored unless

  1. The object actually has a material applied. It’s possible to assign UV coords and images to an object w/o assigning a material. I think the UV data is treated the same way as an unused (unlinked) material in that it will not be saved (or reloaded, obviously).
  2. TexFace is selected in the Material panel.
    2a) The image is assigned to a [image] texture, which would then be mapped to the UV coords (Map Input panel) the material applied to the object.
    Hope that make sense. Also hope it’s right :slight_smile: