Reordering faces in Blender (via Python?)


I was wondering how one might change the order of faces in Blender.
I’m working on export scripts for use with a scene graph, etc. And video cards are much more efficient with trianglestriparrays, rather than just trianglearrays.
So my scripts will examine the faces, and create strips, but I’m wanting to be able to change the order of the faces (to minimise the number of strips, maximising the number of verts in each strip) prior to export.

I think I found a script for this once, but googling now, I can’t seem to find it.

Does anyone know where I might find such a script?

with thanks

wouldn’t you just want to calculate the most efficent strips? [as in not reorder the faces, just as best as possible triangle-strip your mesh]

hell, why not use NVTriStrip [library, from nvidia] and give yourself the option for index buffers which on a geforce2 or later will give you better performance than triangle strips [because the cache is larger, though you should configure nvtristrip for the cache size of the lowest end card you target]

making strips isn’t really an excuse to reorder the faces in the mesh inside of blender.