Repair Insect bot

Insect Bots repairing a faulty communication device. Modelling done with Blender and Rhino 3D. Rendering done with Blender internal renderer.

Comments are welcome…


Nicely made! and I like the selection of signs.

The blurred floor or whatever in the top right seems a little out of place when the rest of it is in perfect focus, but other than that I like it. Cool bots too.

Hi Yogyog and Yippee,

Thanks for the reply.

I will redo the DOF.

Thanks again.

Fun idea. Reminds me of cockroaches with microchips installed in their brains.

Hi Anayo,

Thanks for your comment. I followed your signature to your works. They are really cool…

nice , … , i think you should make it reflect with a map other than this one maybe ?

Hi 3Dguru,

Thanks for the suggestion.

Very very cool! Great idea and composite.

Hi Pauloup,

Thanks for the compliment.