Repair of vertex weights


(Blender 2.83 / 2.90 on Linux)

Due to an attempt to repair a rigged mesh I got this situation:

In the mesh there are several vertice, which were created while I repaired the mesh, which have
no vertex group/vertex weight assigned.

All other vertice have vertex groups and weights assigned, but they do not share all
the same groups/weights.

I want to assign the average of each weight of each group of all vertice which are neighbours (or which are
selected) to the active vertex.

I tried EastinWeightTool / ZWeighTools but I only get Python Errors (or I totally misunderstood the usage guide… :wink:

How can I accomplish this ?


“Smooth vertex weights” operation (which these days I call from the search bar.) On only the problem verts.

Check out the settings, but if you’re doing weights for an armature, thy shouldn’t matter that much for your purposes-- if every problem vert is surrounded by healthy neighbors, a single iteration on any settings should give them values that get normalized to the average of the neighbors.

Hi Bandages,

Thanks for your help – sorry for replying so late, but I head a bunch of “other things to do”, which
prevented me to come back to my (this) project.