Repeat a soft body cache?

Hello friends, I’ve got a baked soft body animation I want to evaluate from various viewpoints so I want to make a 360 turntable of it repeating.

It’s baked to a disk cache in the project folder.

Is there a way to repeat playback of the disk cache? It’s seems crazy to bake the entire thing 4 times when it’s just repeating.

I tried duplicating and renumbering the .bphys files in the disk cache but that doesn’t work.

Any advice is welcome, thanks very much. peace

I would export the simulation as an alembic file. This will turn it into a mesh sequence that can then be reimported. Once it’s reimported, there will be options for the alembic cache in the modifiers tab, including the option to set the current frame number of the animation manually. Then, you can animate the frame number manually and make it restart when it finishes.

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etn249 thank you for your reply, much appreciated.

This sounded like a great solution, but doggoned if I can get it to work. I’ve been playing with the settings for hours but I still get a useless ‘sequence’ that has what amounts to 3 useless keyframes. If I’m doing something wrong, I sure don’t know what it is. I’ll keep trying…

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I have had an alembic sequence do the same problem the other day for a fluid sim. However, I did manage to make it work for a cloth sim. It seems like there could be an actual bug in the export, or maybe some types of simulation are not supported?

I just tested it and it seems that the frames are all present, but the framerate of the alembic cache is wrong. After importing, I can go into the settings (there is a modifier on the sequence object with the settings), manually set the frame override and see that all the frames are there.

Then, I tried importing the alembic in a fresh scene and it worked fine. It seems that you get this weird framerate bug if you try reimporting an alembic in the same scene that was just used to create it.

Thanks for this discussion!

For the softbody I’m working with, it appears that the secret sauce is to do the unintuitive thing in the Time section and uncheck the Sequence button. Then it works and can be animated with the Frame Offset. It seems to be working here. Very odd.

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I also managed it with the frame offset, but it’s inconvenient because it starts at an offset of +1 but has to go to the negative. Also, you have to go to the curve editor and make your animation linear, or else it will accelerate and slow down.

Yeah the graph editor is the only place I’ve been able to access the keys, but no worries about that, really. I just hit T and made linear keys at the beginning and end and the frame right after the end I keyed in the proper offset and it seems just fine so far.

Thanks again for sharing this! Still feels odd about the sequence button.

Before I call this one solved, I’d like to put this image here; I put it together so I can remember how this worked later. Maybe this will be of use for anybody else wanting to do this.