Repeat simple or complex transformation

(Rick3D) #1

Is there a way to repeat a transformation that involves multiple steps without programming. For example, if I duplicate an object then move the duplicate 1 position along x and z and rotate 3 degrees, can I repeat this operation a specified number of times? I’m familiar with extrude(dup) and spin(dup) but these only work along a single plane. AFAIK the option to duplicate an object along a path only works with curves and I’m working with a mesh.


(GreyBeard) #2

Dupliverts will place a copy of an object at every vertex of a mesh. If you rotate the original object they all rotate. You have some control over the objects orientation with dupliframe “rot” options. See the documentation or my video tutorial that will teach you all the ins and outs of dupliverts.


(nykysle) #3

Not sure I understand your question precisely.

You can “Duplivert” a child object at each vertex of a parent . So where ever you place a vertex your object will be copied.

(Rick3D) #4

I’ll play around with the dupliverts option, however, from what you’ve described, I would have to precisely place each vertex before I could use it to precisely place objects. For each duplicate of a mesh object, I want to move it exactly +0.25 along local Z, +0.75 along local X and rotate it 1.5 degrees along local Z. Because each transformation is relative to the previous object, the result is an upward turning spiral of objects.


(Modron) #5

ask in the python and plugins forum. maybe one of the coders will write a simple script for you to use.

(Fligh) #6

Advanced Array here:


(Rick3D) #7

Thanks everyone for your excellent suggestions. Fligh %, some of those scripts are pretty cool. None are quite what I’m looking for, but I’m inspired to dive into Python and write what I need. I’ll let you know what I turn up.


(Fligh) #8

Oh, there’s more:

Blender Analytical Geometry in the Scripts menu: