Repeatable crash

I am experiencing repeatable crashes with this file. When I turn on the realtime rendering for the left viewport, and start working with the curves, zoom in and out in the left viewport, at some point Blender crashes.

Sometimes more quickly, and at other times it takes a couple of minutes, but invariably Blender does crash.

It might have to do with my video drivers, or it is indeed a bug in Blender.

Could I bother some of you here to check whether this file crashes Blender on your systems?

Turn on “Rendered” mode in the left viewport, and start playing around with the objects on the right. Then zoom in and out, pan the left view.

At some point Blender crashes for me. It may take a couple of minutes, though (but never more than five).


test1.blend (583 KB)

Nothing, got bored after 5 mins so gave up

Blender 2.73a - OSX 10.10.2

Thanks for testing! And apologies for the waste of time on your part. I’ll test it on other machines at my work now.