Repeating a shape along a curve?

Hi all, I’m quite new to Blender, wanted to know if I could do this:

I want to repeat a simple shape (object or curve) along a curve, for example to create a zipper, or a wavey line that could be extruded to make a sheet of corrogated cardboard.

If there’s no simple way of doing it, I’ll have to copy and paste a wave shape like 1000 times and I just figure there must be an automated way… I can do it in a straight line with an array, but I want to do it along a specified curve.

Thanks for any help,

You could do this with dupliframes. Check out the wiki page. Also Greybeard has a quite nice video tutorial on paths and dupliframes.

Array modifier maybe?


Dupliframes sound like the answer! Thanks alot, I knew there would be a quick way of doing it. Now I just need to play around to get it right…

Cheers, Mike