Repeating an animation?

ive got a particle emitter that shoots out a long thin particle. (its a laser) I can get the animation i want, but to get the laser in a short burst i can oly get it to play once. Is there a way i can get the animation to repeat itself or another way to get a laser to act like this?

Personally, I would not use particles, but a plane oriented with its normal towards the camera and a gradient texture, makes a nice laser too.

If you want to use particles, which is fine but heavyer, you can duplicate the emitting mesh as many times as you need laser beams and play with the starting/ending time of the emission.


You can select the emitter and edit it’s TIME-IPO. You need an IPO Curve which looks like /////…

It’s a bit difficult to explain. I’ll send you a .blend file.


i got the file, and it works basically the same as what i wanted. But could you possibly explain how to set the ipo to do it so i don’t have to use that one every time i want to. That would be really helpful.


OK, I’ll try to explain it…

The Time-IPO defines an own timeline for an object. On the X-Axis you have the normal animation frames (the ones that change when you press cursor left or cursor right). The Y-Axis represents also frames, but specially for one object.

I think it is easier to explain via some examples:

You have a cube which moves from A to B between Frame 1 and 100.

  • With a 45° Time-Ipo ( / ) y=x the animation will not change

  • With a 0° Time-Ipo ( — ) y=50 the cube will stay in the middle between A and B and not move. It behaves the whole time as normally on frame 50

  • With a -45° Time-IPO ( \ ) y=100-x the cube moves from B to A between frame 1 and 100

  • With something like this ( ^ ) the cube starts at A, reaches B at frame 50 and returns to A until frame 100

… Hope it gets clearer now…

In my example the Time-IPO looks like this: /////
I made only one of the / and pressed the CYCLIC-Button. It is in the IPO-Window and looks like ~.

My / starts at [0,0] and stops at [20,100]. This means that between frame 1 and frame 20 the emitter behaves like normally between frame 1 and 100.

By pressing the cyclic button ~ you tell the emitter to endlessly repeat this behaviour. So frame 21 to 40 are adequate to 1…100 again and so on.

If you deactivate the Time-Ipo (by pressing the X right of the IP:ObIpo) and run an animation from frame 1 to frame 100 you see what the emitter normally does in this range. The same behaviour is mapped to frames 1…20 and than repeated.

that makes it quite a bit clearer, so unless i find something relly wrong, thanx for your help, and everyone else.