repeating texture image on multiple faces

I am able to load a texture onto a model, understand that. My problem is repeating this texture in a tile format multiple times on each face. I have many faces that need this texture done to it. Is there a way to apply a texture with repeat tiling set up on it just like you would assign a pre-made material to multiple selected faces?

using 2.57

Thanks a lot

Show an example of exactly what you want.
In the Texture / Image Mapping panel there is a repeat option

Thats what I am looking for, to repeat the texture image on the x and y axis multiple times within a single polygon face. I have tried the repeat options and even incrimented the x and y repeat of the texture image, but nothing changes. The end result on the textured face is still a single image just stretched out.

The only way I can get a repeat is by unwrapping the polygon in UV image editor then scale up the polygon so it is much bigger than the image in the UV image editor panel. The fatal flaw with this is, I would need to manually set this for all the faces, huge waste of time.

I guess you need to change the mapping to get the effect you want.

Go to the texture tab and change the x and y of your mapping from 1 to something higher, like 4, and you will see what it does.