Repeating texture mapping in cycles?

I am not sure if this has been brought up yet, I sort of skimmed the forums a little bit and didn’t see it, so I apologize if I am being that annoying guy who asks questions that are asked all the time here. But, here goes!

I am trying to place a texture on an image, but the problem is, is that it is a wood texture, and I need to make it into a repeating texture. But I can’t find the setting in blender! What am I missing? Also, it’d be handy to be able to edit the RGB, so I can make the wood look painted just inside blender.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys!

For the scaling you use a mapping node. I’m however not entirely sure how that works out, as the image is two dimensional and the mapping has three dials. To mix in a color you use the mix shader with a diffuse as the color input.

I think you should use the mapping node as hotzst says. Cycles repeat the texture according to scale parameters. If you don’t want to repeat it, you should mark the max option and put (1,1,1), but this didn’t work in 2.62.

Ahah! Thank you guys! I think if I UV map it, then it will give a flat texture everywhere… otherwise it won’t appear the way I want, I think. Thanks so much!

Little update for those of you who are interested! I have discovered that if you map the texture after the texture, it changes the RGB values, and if you vector map before, then it does in fact change the amount. Finally, if you don’t select what style of mapping you want, the image will turn out black. This was sort of a hang up for me, but I figured it out! Thanks for the input guys!!!