repeating texture on sphere problem

hello all

and thanks in advance for any helpful responses, i appreciate it.

ok texturing. its pissing me off to no end. im fairly acomplished with photoshop, illustrator… etc… 2d graphics. and im slowly learning to model in blender and its not going too poorly. but when it comes to slapping a texture onto a simple model thats where i just throw up my hands and pray for death.

ok i set myself what i thought was a simple goal: throw a repeating pattern on a sphere. thats it.

well i decided i wanted hexagons… figured like some sort of futuristic hex / grid system for a map display… well i didnt get anything done because at the very start i ran into a pain in the ass problem.

how the hell can i get a hex pattern to wrap around a sphere without too much distortion.

i assume my problem is that in fact what i need to do is modify my texture pattern to compensate for the distortions. or maybe i should use the UV coordinates and do it that way… but then that leads to a bunch of how the hell do i make sure all the lines in the pattern match up at the seams.

im hoping there is a fairly painless way of doing it.

sorry if this topic has been covered somewhere else already. i did some searching but came up empty each time. and the wiki is not much of a help here either.

i have read the unoffical texturing tutorial (the one with the apple) and im not too worried about making a fairly general texture as there are few to no hard lines and repeating patterns. but the pattern is kicking my ass

please point me in the right direction



Ahh no replies, too bad. someone missed out on telling me that a pure hexagon sphere was impossible. and that what i should use is a geodesic dome. and that helpful chap could have used that opportunity to point me towards the geodesic-dome 2.0 python script.

but alas, none are as bright and brilliant as Chimpstar. :wink:

thanks Chimpstar

just for being you

I did see, in a video tutorial somewhere, that you can use a cube as a sphere. maybe this will help with the topology.

Create a Cube.
Press TAB key to go into editmode.
Press F9, then hit subdivide a few times.
Then, in that same TAB where subdivide resides, click the “To Sphere” button.

I’m not sure if this one will map better, but you could give it a try.


cube_sphere.blend (430 KB)

Thanks Atom, for your reply.

I figured it out enough that i can fiddle and learn. it was just very frustrating to be stuck on a problem.

The geodesic script is great btw.