Repeating texture... UV help needed plz

I want to apply a bump-mapped logo to multiple places on the same object at repeating, set intervals. I managed to get it aligned in one position, as shown here, but I also want it to appear on the other cylinder. I know I could use a different material for each cylinder, but that’s absurdly inefficient. If I repeat the texture, multiple copies appear on the same cylinder, which is also not what I want. Any way to fix this? Thanks.

either model it or do a basic UV map

f for face select mode, select the faces on the end of the bricks (the round part) and press u > from window. In the UV editor load your image and just place the two circular faces over the top of each other on the right place on the image, set the material and texture to map to UV.

Hmm… sort of works, but I’m having some problems with the UV mapping as you can see here:

You can make it repeat.

Option 1. Use the UV Image Editor. Select the tops of your cylinders and unwrap, then just place the circles all on top of each other. Of course, if you plan to make a lot of Lego blocks, this could still be a bit time-consuming.

Option 2. Make your bump image a) square and b) as big as the square top of a single unit of the brick. I don’t know how to better explain this… hmm. a ‘unit’ is the square part that belongs to one bump/cylinder.

Now you can apply the image to the whole Lego block, and you need only align it to one connector bump/cylinder and all the others will be automatically set.

An additional advantage to this method is that you can easily give the Lego block tops a nice bumpy look and the nice smooth cylindar part the logo all in one image-map.

BTW. There’s too much space between the bumps/cylinders in your Lego block. And, er, it’s been a while since I’ve looked at a Lego, but I think the logo is angled differently…

Anyway, hope this helps!

UV mapping seems to work in principle, with the LSCM unwrap, but I still get a distorted image and the texture starts repeating on the same cylinder if I scale the faces in the UV editor. Duoas: The spacing looks about right to me when I compare it with a real lego piece. Anyway, yeah, the logo is supposed to be rotated 90 degrees. That’s the easy part to fix, though I’m stuck on the rest. I want to keep the bumps as part of the mesh, not a texture.

Thanks thus far, though.

bump. Anyone plz? Thx

use different kinds of unwrapping, like ‘from window’ and ‘cylinder’. if the unwrap is not perfect, just scale/adjust it manually.