Repeating UV map along face

Hey everyone,

I’m learning the basics of texturing in blender and I’m having a hard time getting my UV map to repeat on a face. I’ve found some other topics with a similar situation, but they all assume that the whole texture is to be repeated, not only part of it

I have a 1024px image with a few textures in it. For a specific face, I need to use only the top left part of the texture and repeat it 22 times along an axis (so I get my 22 floors).
How can I achieve this?

PS.: The engine I’m modeling this for requires one single texture file for each model, so I can’t use a separate texture with only this window section.

Thanks in advance,

Look at the N-Panel…see where is says assign?
Make a new material and assign it to the section you want to repeat the window pattern. Then in the shader area…add in a Mapping and a Texture Coordinate node Left of your Image Texture…set the Coordinate node to UV and in the mapping node addjust the scale in the X or Y direction till you get the 22 parts you want. Note…you may need to rotate the UV to get things aligned properly…that way you can set say X = 22 ± and Y=1

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Great! I’ll try that when I get home.
Thank you very much!