Repetitively asked: 3DS max to blender...

Oh well, I know this is probably annoying you, but after round about 4h of googling I cannot help it anymore XD My problem is, that I wanna use the official UDK rigs to be able to use the premade animation sets . I do have access to 3DSmax but I prefer to work in blender. That’s why I need to find a way to export bones from .max to blender, but if I just export them to .3ds they run perfectly within max , but in blender every bone seems to disappear. Collada doesn’t even load it and I can’t find an up-to-date md5 exporter (the one I use ALWAYS stops due to missing texture or invalid skinning errors)
Can anyone here please help me?


First, if you’re in 2.5 and you have tried available importers with no success, use 2.49 even if just for import.
Try using Autodesk separate (and free) fbx converter tool to be downloaded from their site. It allows to convert FBX or Collada files from one version of max to the other or even to other software. That’s because the way these formats are handled have changed throughout the versions.
You might also be interested by this script for other things than bones:

If it doesn’t work, look for what other formats you have available from external software? with all the list of exporter from 2.49 check them all, at one point I had found one that did not work as expected but imported what I needed, I think it was through directX (.x).

If you can get through BVH, it was pretty robust in Blender 2.49.

mnax is a closed source copywrited format. it is illegal to have a .mox stand alone exporter importer. 2.5 is aloha, not even beta. there is alot that dosn’t work. max can export a varity if files, get a 2.48 or 2.49 version of blender with the best import script for a legal format blender can import, that the only way to do it without paying more. if it is worth more money for you there is a program that works as a plugin for max so it only works with installed legal max avoiding copywrites is polytans.

but if you donthave max and are only downloading .max meashes or models from the web…it cant be done without getting sued for big bucks. and max is an autodesk product, it seems they make as much from sueing as selling. it wont be if you get sued, it will be when. they even sue innocent users of blender, wings 3d, and variouse other cad, mesh, photo, and video processing tools hopeing to get lucky.

if you dont pirate autodesk products you might get sued. the probability seems to be related to profit. autodesk employes as many lawyers as programmers it seems but you should be able to prove you innocence. if you do pirate autodesk you will get sued, and like i said auto desk hires the best lawyers you will lose and they will own you future paychecks for a while even if you dont make profit in cgi, they areas happy to garnishee your check from mcdonnalds.

no software is pirate proof, autodesk policy is to make piracy more expensive than buying it. access wont be enough in court, make sure you have licensed rights to use it. auto desk is like the don from godfather when it comes to cgi.