Replace All Images

I know how to rename/delete a lot of images in the Blender File option of the Outliner. And I know how to replace images one by one.

But does anyone know of an addon, script or tool to replace multiple image files?

The problem is:

I have a file with multiple PBR materials set up. The images are already hooked up. All is good. But the naming convention is wrong for delivering to a client. I need to rename the images in the hard drive and avoid having to manually replace the images one by one.

By the way slightly related in case anyone is interested. A bulk rename utility:

Very useful. But… using this breaks the links in Blender of course. I am wondering if there is someway to automatically re-link names with a similar name.

For example: rename to - name_name_roughness from names_name_roughness. And like this for a couple of dozen images.