replace mesh in bge

Hi there,

I wanna ask about replacing mesh in bge. I have 3 mesh. Mesh A is the original mesh and mesh b an c is the replacement mesh. i wanna to replace mesh A to mesh b, then mesh b to mesh c and mesh c to mesh a back. it will be a loop, the mesh will be replace when the key is pressed. I have position mesh A, B, C in different layer. I can change mesh a to mesh b but could’nt continue to mesh b to mesh c and further. How can i do this, any python script involved? please give me some points. thank you very much.

What seems to be the problem, since nothing pops out as wrong with that description - you should be able to replace the mesh as many times as possible. You’re doing it with logic bricks, right?

Put a dummy object X in visible layer.
put the objects A,B,C in a hidden layer.
Now when game starts make sure that the mesh of dummy object is replaced by the script

from bge import logic as gl

Do the same to load other meshes as well.

Hi there thanks for your reply.

I want the mesh to be replaced by pressing let’s say “r” key. What i did was placed object A in visible layer with the property int, value=1. In logic brick, placed a keyboard sensor which is the “r” key connected to AND controller, connected to replace mesh to object B which is in 3rd layer and i also connect (actuator)property “prop” value = prop+1

And for the second sensor I did property “prop” value =2 and the keyboard sensor “r”, connect in to AND controller and connect it to replace mesh to object C (which is in 4th layer). But the mesh isn’t replacing.

Basically, when i press the key"r" for the first time, the object A will replace with object B. If I press “r” again the replaced object (object B) will be replaced to object C. I’m not sure how to do it. I tried few other way but I was only managed to change 1 time only.

I’m using blender 2.49 by the way, thanks for looking into it.
![ Peter/Desktop/Interior scene/logicbr.jpg]( Peter/Desktop/Interior scene/logicbr.jpg)