Replace mesh of one model with that of another which is posing

Is there a way to put a model into a pose, and then replace the mesh of another object with the newly posed mesh?


obj1 = a game object...
obj2 = another game object...

#change the pose of obj1 with some code here 

obj2.replaceMesh(obj1.meshes[0]) #but I want to replace it with it's newly posed mesh!

What do you meant with pose? Do you mean to move the vertices of the mesh via Python?

I meant that I wanted to put a mesh into a pose using an armature, and transfer that mesh in it’s newly posed formation to another object. I could do it without keeping the pose, but not with keeping the pose.

I was doing this because I have a character setup with a bunch of controllers and sensors, and have a few different body types that I want to swap the character’s mesh out for, so I didn’t have to set up all the controllers and sensors on all the other body types. Just wanted to take the mesh.

This is not possible. The mesh is deformed by the armatures before it gets rendered. The mesh of the object itself is not affected.

I posted you a possible solution regarding armatures in your other thread.