Replace Mesh question

In a game we are making we want our character to switch different suits of armour, weapons etc. I tried to do this by using the replace mesh function. However when I replace the mesh, the new mesh does not move with the armatures. Does any one know how to make the new mesh follow the armatures? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

try putting a different set of bones on your new mesh,and put and end object on the old set of bones

known bug

you’ll have to replace the armature [not a logic brick to do it, you’ll have to do it manually with the end object actuator and an add object actuator], as friedbrain said

Would it be possible to replace mesh, and then re-parent the mesh to the armatures using a scrip1?, also I’d like to know a phyton script for parenting or finding the parent of an object

I’ve only seen this done in the animation scripts of Blender but yet to see this in the Game Engine. From the little python that I know, this isn’t availible in any dir listing.

No, it’s not possible to parent objects in realtime.