Replace mesh with multiple objects

Hey guys.
I’ve had some experience with blender and I was thinking up a physics system. I was looking for ways to optimise the idea and I want to do this by replacing a single mesh with an object group. The target of the idea is so I can minimise the faces on screen untill extra faces are needed.

btw. im satisfied with the answer “the only way to do this is a custom python script”:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your help

Actually, it should be a simple matter of parenting several objects to a single object, then adding in the single object. If you then wanted to remove the parenting of the several objects to make them react, then that would be possible, as well. This should be doable with logic bricks.

Meshs, Game Objects and Groups are complete different entities.

That means you can’t replace one with another.

Physics and visible faces have a very indirect relationship. You can imagine as the Game Engines has two parallel universes.
The Display universe contains the visible representation of your game. This is what the player sees.
The Physics universe contains the physics representation of your game. It is usually invisible.

The object representations in both universes do not need to match.
BTW. there are more universes e.g. the Logic Universe which contains the game logic behavior (not the physics!). It is invisible too but influences the other universes.

I guess you mean something different. I think you are talking about LOD (Level of detail). There is no build in LOD method in the BGE. I recommend to search for it.
You can have LOD on the Display and/or on the Physics. Even the Logic can have LOD. It is used on large simulations.

LOD is possible with logic bricks. But to make the LOD efficient you will need Python.
You need to be careful not to spend more processing time on LOD than you save with it.

Thanks for your responses. your post is very educational and I understand that the idea of the different entities now. I did think of your idea Solarlune but it has the problem of adding the object to the same location as its world position in its layer, so it would have to always be in the same place as the object I am trying replace all the time. This problem was why I was drawn to the idea of the replace mesh actuator, since it puts it in the same position. is there a way for being able to do this. or should I write a script to somehow place the object and its children at a particular place (eg, position of the object im trying to replace)

Thanks for your Great and Fast replies though :slight_smile: much appreciated

You can end an object and add the parent of an “object tree” at the same time.

–> Edit Object/End Object Actuator
–> Edit Object/Add Object Actuator “object to be added”

The added object inherit the location/orientation/scale of the “adding object”.

Please keep in mind:

  • the previous object will be gone with all its data (logic, properties, meshes, children etc.)
  • the new object will perform not know about the adding object.

Thanks for the info monster. i guess I was doing something wrong because I thought the add object actuator didn’t inherit scale, location, rotation.
Thanks for the help :smiley: