Replace mesh?

I can’t get the replace mesh actuator to work. In the box that says “ME:” I put the name of the object that I want to switch with, but it just disappears when I press enter. What could be wrong?

ME is the mesh name, check to make sure of the mesh name… the Object name will not work here.

enter the name of the MESH ( ME: ) not the object one ( OB: )

You must type name of MESH you want replace (not object).

Thanks everybody. =)

Also, I have a gimp question. How do I draw a non-square image or whatever? Alpha is it? I need to make a shadow and blood stain. thanks.

Yah. Alpha… If you are new to Gimp, make a new file, select “More options” or whatever gives you a dropdown menu, select “transparency” or “alpha” (again, whatever shows up), and click ok. You should see a checkerboard of gray and black. That is what you need to make your image on. Then make sure you save it as a file that supports Layered Transparency or alpha like targa (best), GIF, png, and maybe some more.