Replace meshes by group

Hi everyone !
(I’m french so please scuze me for my bad english :o)

I’m creating a plate with pastas inside it. Pasta mesh is high-poly (some small details).
To place correctly and fastly the pastas in the plate, I used the BlenderGameEngine; and I had to make the simulation with low-poly models…
The low-poly pastas fall down correctly and fill the plate exactly like I want ! great. BUT…
Now, how to replace all the low-poly pastas meshes by same high-poly mesh, in one time…??? There are more than 300 pastas, and replacing the meshes one by one would be boring/horrible/very(very)long !

Thanks you for any idea ! :smiley:


Select all your objects and the object with the high detail. The high detail model must be selected LAST. Then use Ctrl+L and select Mesh Data

Thank you so much !

happy blending :eyebrowlift2:

can you explain how you did this iin BGE ?
i mean to add pasta onto the plate

j’ aime le spagetti mais comment le faire dans blender BGE ?

Merci & happy 2.5