replace with object

im not used to blenders modelling controls, so I model in lightwave, and import the mesh into blender. I have my character rigged, but want to replace it with a newer updated version of the mesh, but still keep the same rig- is there a command to replace one mesh with another (so that it still keeps the vertex groups etc)


Yes indeed - in the Links and Materials panel there are 2 fields at the top - ME for mesh, and OB for object. Select the object that contains the mesh you want to change, the use the pull-down in the mesh field to select the mesh you want to change to.

If you want to keep the original around though, first select the object, then press the F at the right side of the mesh field. This will give the original mesh a Fake user. Otherwise, if a mesh is not associated to an object, the mesh will be deleted after save and exit.

Best of Luck!

I always wondered what I could use that for, now I know.

It is kind of like a footage replacement in After Effects, but for mesh data instead.

thanks OBI_Ron appreciate that