Replaced version of old image Cube museum
Why, had to replace it, the old image I found was lost and had to redo it.

hall of fame right .your kindof leaning towords what you always used to do

Instead of making a bunch of little half-done things, why don’t you sit down and devote your time and energy to one big well polished thing, that everyone can oooh and ahh about than a bunch of half-arsed cube-thingies? Do it for me?


Ok I am going to put it plain and simple, are u ever going to move past the beginnner level or are u too afraid. You have some good ideas but i think u are just scared to make them cause u are afraid of failure. Basically wat u are doing is “Qunatity over Quality”

Looks like you got yourself a shelf of cubes there. Very nice.

I agree with what everyone else has said so far.

What would a cube museum be without cubes anyway?
Anyway, I did it to replace an old image I lost.

Kansa_15: OK mate. You have progressed. But IMO, you really need to start pushing your skills to the next level.

No offense, but even I can render out a bunch of cubes that look better than this. This is a nice render and well lit. Actually, one of the better lit images you have posted to date.

But serioulsy, try and work on something, (AND POST IT IN WIP), that we can all look at and help you to improve your modelling/texturing/lighting skills to better your enthusiasm for this great piece of software.

I think we all know by know, (and yes that means everyone here at elysiun), that you want to improve your Blender skills. Just let us all help you along the way to push yourself into something better than rendered cubes.

That is what elysiun was founded on. Even before elysiun, there was There was no real bashing going on. Just a lot of help to learn this great package and improve the work being done.