replacement for Middle mouse button

I don not have a middle button in my mouse, cause of which i cannot rotate or pan a view… Is there a way where i can make use of any key instead of middle mouse button?

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If you go to the Input section of User Preferences (Ctrl+U), there’s a checkbox for “Emulate 3 Button Mouse”. Enable that checkbox and you can used Alt+LMB as if it were MMB.

File / User Preferences / Input, enable ‘Emulate 3 button mouse’
Then you will have Alt+LMB = RMB

That was my original stumbling block in blender, 12 years ago. I didn’t have a middle mouse button! so I had no idea how to even change the view! Once I figured that out, it was smooth(er) sailing

Thank you… Its working!! I am learning animation for the first time. Do i need to purchase any book to learn animation?

Ok!!.. Hope it 'll be a safe sailing for me too :slight_smile:

Thanks!! Its working now…