Replacing a rig on one model from a different one

I’m wondering if it’s possible to transfer a completed rig (weight painted, constraints, and ik’s) from one model to another (weight painted, but without constraints or ik’s). the names of the bones on both rigs are the same, not including the additional ones for IKs.

I’m wondering if i can basically replace the second model’s armature with the completed one from the first and not lose the weight painting on the second, since the vertices of the two aren’t identical (extra clothing layers, etc), but their basic move set will be roughly the same.

the models are in different files, so i’d have to append the armature if doing so is possible.

kinda new at blender rigging, been fooling around with it for a few months…


The weight painting isn’t tied to bones, it’s tied to vertices. More specifically, the armature holds no weight paint information, all that information is stored in the mesh. This is why you can have two meshes parented to the same armature and they can both behave differently.

In your case, no, you can’t switch an armature without losing the weight-painting. If the vertices were identical, there’s actually a workaround with the Data Transfer Modifer where you could transfer your weights from one model to another. Unfortunately, since your meshes aren’t identical, you’ll have to re-paint once you switch the Armature

the model has an armature modifier. i experimented and switched which rig it was using and it seemed to work…
if the weights are lost if i change armatures, i’m curious to the process as to how the model reacts as expected?