Replacing icon breaks executable?

As suggested by everyone, I attempted using resource hacker to replace the old icons with one I had designed myself.
In this case I replaced the blender icon set “APPICON” with one of my own .ico files.
After doing this the game does not open properly anymore.

Does anyone else have problems with this as well? (running windows 10)

The ico file might not be supported by the exe file, every icon have different color depth and resolution, the icon might have the wrong one.

I’m assuming gimp adjusted the correct settings when exporting with the ico exporter.
I think the problem may be that I’m not adding more than 1 icon?

Its strange though because it only happens for replacing the blender executable, changing other programs works fine without any issues.

When you use resource hacker after publishing your game as runtime, it won’t open. What I do is make a “Data” directory with the blenderplayer and all the .dll files, and replace the icon on blenderplayer and rename it to player.exe just for fun. I save the blend files into there. Then I make a batch (.bat) file outside the “Data” directory with the following command:

cd Data
player game.blend

Use quotes if there are spaces in the parameters.

I then use this program to compile the .bat file into an executable. I set the visibility to invisible and you can set the icon file in the Version Information tab.

Yea, never tried replacing icons on Windows, but last time I did so on Linux (right clicking executable, cliking on icon change button and selecting new icon) it worked all well.