Replacing object every frame

I have performed a structural analysis of a deforming structure.
Since my structural software can not create blender like animations, I want to import my deforming structure to a blender animation.
From my structural software I have exported a object for every frame (Deformed object #1 to #10).

My approach is:

  1. Create a blender scenery with “deformed object #1” (including a camera path)
  2. Render a picture with my scenery and “deformed object #1” for frame #1
  3. Replace “deformed object #1” with “deformed object #2”, and render frame #2
  4. Replace “deformed object #2” with “deformed object #3”, and render frame #3
    an so on until the end of my animation.

Any suggestion on how this can be done fairly simple?


using the frame_change_post handler

if your deformed object is a mesh object you may consider replacing its mesh data instead of replacing the whole object

or have several objects and just hide/unhide on frame change

Thanks for the reply!!

If I understand correctly I should export my model from Abaqus as e.g. .obj-file.
And export my mesh from Abaqus for every frame.
Then its not clear to me how it should be continued.
Can I import a .obj file and merge a mesh from Abaqus to this?
And then replace the mesh at each frame?

thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Thanks!!! This is awesome!

One more question. My abaqus analysis has results linked to every node/element which varies for every frame.
Is it possible to include this in a blender animation?


Thanks, Atom! Awesome.

One more thing that is challenging me, my analysis has results for every node or element (depending on the output) varying at every frame.
I can export these outputs from Abaqus and convert into basically any format necessary.
Is it possible to include this in a Blender animation?
In example every node has a value and Blender creates a color variation according to a set color scale.

I would think it really depends on how large each frame object is? What is the size of each object on disk?

One .obj-file is about 4mb.