replacing physics proxy objects

what is the workflow for replacing a bunch of cubes with a more detailed mesh. In other words, I duplivert a cube into a bunch, make them real, use physics to animate them falling and bouncing, but then I need to replace the cubes with a more detailed object that will follow the same animation of the cubes. I’d appreciate any ideas (or THE answer). thanks


Try changing the mesh the object is linked to (F9, the ME dropdown). If you have a lot of objects to change you might want to use python to quickly change them all.

I thought that would be a common operation. Well, I’ve been putting off getting into python, but I guess that’s what I might have to do. But I’m almost certain there’s got to be a clever way to do it without python.

Ctrl-L >> Mesh Data.


Thanks Fligh, it worked perfectly. I love the blender community.:rolleyes: (on the down side, I guess I won’t learn python for a few more months.)