replacing physics proxy objects

what is the workflow for replacing a bunch of cubes with a more detailed mesh. In other words, I duplivert a cube into a bunch, make them real, use physics to animate them falling and bouncing, but then I need to replace the cubes with a more detailed object that will follow the same animation of the cubes. I’d appreciate any ideas (or THE answer). I originally posted at Animation, but someone said I’d probably need python.

You can easily assign a different ‘mesh’ to an object without using any scripts. You’ll have to do this manually so as long as you don’t have 500 boxes to replace, you should be fine.

Infact, that’s what I did for my pepsi animation:

I’m sorry to hear that you had to do that manually. Someone in the animation forum said:

Ctrl+L >>Make links>> to mesh

That’s the answer, but you don’t have to do it individually. Shift select all the pepsi Low poly meshes then finally the high poly mesh, then make links to mesh and they will ALL be replaced with the mesh of the last object selected, even if you had 5000!