Replay a movement by drivers / custom properties


I need some basic help on my problem.
I want to record several movements / roations etc. and play it back using a custom property slider.
E.g. I have a simple cube. First this cube shoud move 3 Blender units along the x-axis within 40 frames, then rotate on z-axis by 90 degrees (without moving) within 20 frames and finally it should move along the y-axis for 4 Blender units within 40 frames. So in total it will animate for 100 frames.
Now I want to play back this movement by a custom property. The custom property start from 0 and ends up at 1.
If I move the custom property slider from 0 to 0.4 the cube must move along x-axis. If I move the slider from 04. to 0.6 it must rotate on z-axis and if I move the slider from 0.6 to 1.0 it should move along y-axis.
How can I do that? Basically I want to record a movement and / or rotation and play it back by custom properties slider.
I don’t need this anmiation to be based on frames, so I just need an animation controlled by custom property.
I don’t know where to start.

Any idea or hint is welcome, thanks a lot!

Why not just convert the animation you want to replay into an action? Then you can loop/duplicate it and cross fade as you see fit from within theNLA Editor.

Another solution might be to write a python script and put your control code for the object inside the update handler for the property. Then the code would only run when the property was changed by the user or a pre-animated f-curve.

Hi Atom,

thanks for reply, I am not familiar with actions. Can I bind this action to a custom property? If yes how?

May is it possible to use shape keys for that by modifying the rotation and movement in edit mode?
Or is shape key used for different things?