Replicating original image size & lighting via cycles render output


Hi there. I’m working on an animation sequence wherein the last frame will crumple like a curtain to reveal another scene underneath it.

I’m using a png image of that last frame that I exported from my animation program. This is the source file I’ll be using to create a cloth sim sequence in Blender (I’m using 2.79b on a Mac).

The problem I need to solve is not the curtain sim itself but getting output files to match the exact same size and coloration as the original image. I’m just a beginner - one year in - and I don’t know if this is an easy or a difficult task.

I realize that proper lighting may be a trial and error thing, but maybe someone can teach me how to get the camera to match the exact dimensions of the [plane object] upon which I’ve projected the image. Right now, using “control-opt 0” on my Mac moves the camera to the proportions of the plane, but it’s not EXACT; I have to do some resizing and I’m thinking that’s not the right way…

Ultimately, I want to make the transition between the previous animation sequence and the imported cloth simulation effect appear seamless to the viewer. For that reason, I have to maintain the image’s color and size characteristics in the final blender cycles render output.

I’m working in 1080p. I guess I’ll also have to switch to RGB and not use filmic color.

Has anyone reading this dealt with my issue? Could you share your ideas/expertise?

It would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:


Never mind, I figured it out. :slight_smile:
Maybe later I’ll create a tutorial about how I approached this issue, for anyone else facing this challenge. Lots of interesting steps.