Reply to PSX Dev Lock

Sorry about that. I wasn’t intending to promote that. I am writing a game in DirectX and want to port it to a playstation, and don’t want all my friends to have to go out and buy a mod chip or something. I’m not contesting your decision, I’ll be more cautious in the future. The reason I posted here was so I could get a reply to my idea; I’ve searched for a few days and the only PSX development forum i found that doesn’t have anything to do with warez is broken and has been so for months. So I was just trying to get an answer, that’s all. It’s ok, I’m not mad or anything; to be honest I kinda figured something like this would happen sooner or later :-?

I’m not mad either, it’s just politics…

since it’s a DirectX game, couldn’t you just make them test it on a PC? I know you’d lack the PS2 controller, but I’m pretty sure there’s an adapter for that or something. Maybe someone can confirm this, but I think I saw a adapter that could convert console controlers to USB plugs.


Doh, sorry Theeth, I sent you a PM before I realized there was a new thread about the locking. :expressionless: