Reporting threads?

I thought there was a button somewhere for “Report this thread” which automatically alerted mods and admins to check the thread out. Am I thinking of a different forum?

What is the appropriate method of reporting a thread which seems questionable? Do we just pm a mod or several mods/admins or is there a “correct way” to do it?

Sorry if I should know this but if a report button exists, it isn’t where I’m looking for it.

huh. you made me look. it is the little button at the bottom left of the post, by the posting date. it is a red icon with a slash through it. now i am going to start using it…

jim ww

It’s that little red icon next to the posted date.

Edit: Oops, Jim was faster.

was it something i said?

Of course! I knew I’d seen it somewhere - thanks.

Not this time - but now I know where the button is… :slight_smile: frznpl dood.