reposition pivot point

Hey guys, i’ve searched the forum for a way to reposition my local pivot point, i’m importing obj’s into blender and the pivots go to world center instead of what they were so i have to reposition them, anyway i haven’t found a way to do it, i’ve read in a thread that the insert key is for that but it doesn’t work :no: …help!!

In the ‘editing’ panel (F9), in the ‘Mesh’ tab there are Three buttons ‘Center’, ‘Center New’ and Center Cursor’.

Center: This button places the object at the pivot point (center)
Center New: This button sets the pivot point at the center of the object
Center Cursor: This button puts the pivot point at the cursor

works great, thank you Morio :smiley:

Just visiting this thread and I thought I could post a tiny feature request there:
Wouldn’t it be nice if we could change the center while in Edit mode ?
I mean “Center new” and “Center Cursor”.
There must be a way to trick that…