Repositioning a UV map to line up correctly

Hello all!

I’ve got a small project where I need to paste a design onto a mug (and update fairly regularly to provide samples to clients without the cost of printing). I’ve made my mug, figured out the UV wrap and basically done everything, but the image isn’t in the right position. I tried to reposition using the X, Y and Z axes - one of them shifts it vertically but the other two do nothing.

This is the video I have for now…

From the screenshot I can see what I need to do is take the faces from the right and attach them to the left somehow… The blank faces are where the handle sits. It just doesn’t seem obvious to me how to do it though.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile: There’s a couple of ways to move around the image on a UV Mapping, if you could link me your .blend file I can see what’s up with it and glady give you a hand :slight_smile:

Looking at your screenshot, you can do it two ways. Grab the smaller box of vertices on the right side of your UV Mapping and move them to the left, then enable vertex snapping in the window so the edges line up perfectly. Or you can add a vector mapping node in the node editor to allow you to move the image around relative to the UV Mapping.
Personally I recommend the second method. I can knock up a quick video if you think it’ll be helpful.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I am an idiot. Of course I don’t have to select the whole thing at once! Thank you, it’s all sorted now :slight_smile:
Video is online with the finished product if you’re interested:

Cheers again :slight_smile:


Looks good :slight_smile: The weird effect on the base looks like an internal face somewhere or a doubled vertex. But anyway glad I could help :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m happy with the effect on the base - it’s for a new website called irregularmug (if you want to submit a design to them please feel free! Designers are always welcome) so to have a strange dance and a weird facet on the base kinda goes well with the overall feel of the thing :wink:
I’ve subscribed to your youtube channel - even though I only picked up Blender yesterday evening specifically to do the mug I’m sure I’d love to make things explode as well in the future :smiley: