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Hey guys, I´m new in this page, so… Like title says, I have done some 3d and 2d works in Blender, but I want to blenderartist in Instagram, post or repost my pubs, trying to others see my work ( obviously, it´s not a super proffessional work, but I deffend it :slight_smile: )… So, some of you want to tell me what´s the process of that? I would appreciate every good reply… Greetings fro Mexico…

Are you saying you want to post on Instagram? I had a bit of trouble reading your comment, but I see you’re from Mexico so I assume English isn’t you’re first language.

In order to post to Instagram you’ll need to download the app on you’re phone. To get your renders on to your phone use a phone usb cable and through file explorer you can drag and drop your renders onto your phone. Create an account on Instagram, and at this point you’re ready to start sharing. Instagram can be weird with the way they crop things, so they prefer square or vertically rectangle shaped images.

Hopefully this is helpful? If you need more info I’m happy to help.

Hi, effectively, English isn´t my native language :sweat_smile:
I have used Instagram, I have de app and I use the app normally. I upload photos and blender draws… But one thing I saw, is the account of blenderartists, repost other users works, so, I want to know how that account can repost some works that I have… Just to share and possibly, have feedback from other users…
Ty for the info @ArtAvenue:+1:

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We only use our Instagram account to share work that’s been #featured here. Our top-level users vote daily on the best artwork and twice a day we feature one. Other than that, we don’t reshare work.


Hey @bartv
Thanks for the info, that answers my question…
So I’m gonna stay alert and share here…
Thank you so much :+1: :smile:

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