RepRap vs [email protected]

I think it would be AWESOME to be able to print whatever object you wanted.

That’s probably the main reason I’m still interested in 3D; not so much in the art but what you can do with a 3D model. (Which reminds me, I was going to make a spiffy flow chart of what you can do with a 3D model these days. Can anyone recommend good open source flow charting software?)

And its soo cool that there are now open source 3D printers anyone can build or buy a kit if you don’t want the hassle of searching for the parts.

So my question is: which would you build?

RepRap or Fabber?

RepRap is way cheaper; you can build one in a weekend for like $500 last I heard.

Fabber is more like $2500 for all the parts.

I’ll post more details later.
[email protected]