In order to repress a desire you have to think about the desire. Thinking about the desire leads the mind to retrace steps necessary to produce the desire and actually reinforces the production of the desire one seeks to repress.

The strengthening of this desire requires more and more will power to repress, however repression leads the desire becoming stronger and thus even more will power is required to repress the desire that strengtened by the desire to repress it.

Don’t think about a giant pink fluffy bunny. Seriously don’t even try to image its fluffy pink hairs, its big red eyes and those long droopy ears. Make an effort to not visualize how that bunny looks at it gleefully hops towards you becoming bigger and larger and more vividly pink. Do not see the smile in the bunny’s checks as you stand face to face.

I could go deeper but I have to run to the airport.

Your thoughts on the bunny?

The old ropsta is back just in time to make my head explode.

There isn’t much to say other than “interesting”. What is this applying to?

Ropsta what are you taking? I have to get some of that… oh and I actually think about a big blue bunny :wink:


So your bunny is blue?

Put the image of that bunny in your head. Do you see the bunny? Bring the blue bunny closer. See the blue bunny getting larger and larger. It’s so large now ,as you stand face to face, you can see its whisker in the corners of your eyes. It’s nose almost touches your nose. You focus on just one eye of the blue bunny…As you look the bunny in it’s huge red eyes you can almost see a reflection of yourself. As you stand face to face with this huge bunny, this bunny that is smiling at you… face to face… with this bunny. What are you feeling… As the bunny’s smile slowly grows larger…what happens to this feeling… As the bunny’s smile grows warmer… feel the affect it has on you. This smile… from this huge bunny, as you look it in its big red eyes. Looking deeper into the bunny’s eyes you start to see you… really looking at… you. You see yourself in this big bunny’s huge red eyes and the image slowly becomes clearer. Clearer. And you keep the feeling. Clearer. And the feeling grows stronger. Soon the bunny fades away and you are just staring at yourself. And the feeling remains the same… when you were looking into the eyes of the bunny… looking into the eyes of yourself.

Now, what did you feel as you looked into the eyes of the bunny? what color is it?

man, i just had to wash my bunny today. She’s been stuck in her cage for like 2 weeks, and she was all clogged up. I also had to brush her fur too, because it was really getting too thick.

Washing and drying a rabbit is really hard.

She’s kind of grey/brown.

i could repress the visualization of the bunny when i looked into his eyes mirroring me, cause a mirror is nothing, it is just everything else standing in it´s range and the rest of the bunny was in a too steep angle.
I guess the meaning of this post is to start a battle with oneself, using the own fantasy to recreate something and the will to destroy it again, redoing the desiring and repressing thing over and over again.
this reminds me of monks´ abstinence, the desire, the natural beast fights with the religious prohibitions.
a vicious circle, not a bunny!

What is the sound of one blue bunny clapping? And if the blue bunny claps in the middle of a forest and no one hears, did the blue bunny really clap? Actually, you might want to try meditating rather than repressing thoughts. Let the bunny drift in… oh, it’s a bunny… let the bunny drift out…

As long as you fight the pink bunny, you give the pink bunny power over your mind. Resign yourself to the pink bunny. Yeild to the pink bunny. Surrender to the pink bunny. Only then can you transcend the pink bunny and find peace (and a blue bunny.)

The alternative is not to read the thread, but you have done so already. Now let your mind drift off to other things. In a decade or so, the pink bunny will be gone from your mind.


i thought they were talking about this bunny…

Is it the result of an experiment of changing the brain from the pink bunny to a serious cat?
Poor serious cat :frowning:

Analyzing that image I find it could very well be a photoshopped picture that used to be a crying child sitting on Santa’s lap.

Or does Santa Claus really get that face when a child’s on the naughty list:eek:

Haha, did you hear the whistling noise as this thread went over his head?

Ropsta strikes again. Thank the lord(or not, darwin was great too) we’ve got at least one refreshing person around here. Keep it real, yeah?

this is moar blue

this looks like the guy of monster inc xD

High five? High five.

Are we doing high fives now? I’m down.

Yup, the light source is almost the same…
But it isn’t.
Unless the light’s very close, of course.
ALWAYS look at the light source :wink:

So within the madness that is that image, you manage to see Santa Claus… What gave this image of Santa to you most? Was it the white gloves? The slightly red sleeves? Or was it big bright white fur coat in the outline of its beard?

How did you feel when you saw that image? How do feel as you stare at that image… and the image grows larger and larger… And the colors bloom more and more vivid… As you look her in the eyes… focusing on just one eye… what feelings do get get while looking at her… are you starting to feel your heart beat… as you look into her eyes… and she looks into your eyes… and you two just stare at each other… and you’re suddenly overcome with this feeling… this feeling you get as you look her in the eyes… and she looks you in the eyes… and you stare each other in the eyes… what color is this feeling… this feeling you get… as you feel your heart beginning to pound and look deeper into her eyes… and deeper… and deeper… and you feel that feeling… where does it start… as the color grows brighter… does it start in your chest… this feeling you get… as it grows brighter… as you look her in the eyes… and she looks you in the eyes… and you stare at each other… reflected in her eyes… staring at each other…deeper… and deeper… can you feel your breath… breathing the air into chest… as you feel your buttocks in the chair… and you look into her eyes… and she looks into your eyes… and you look into each others eyes… deeper… and deeper… reflected in eye other’s eyes…

Who are you looking at now? Are you looking at her? Are you looking at you reflected in her? Who is she? Don’t let your eyes stray… Eye contact… Look into her eyes? Don’t peek down at her smooth legs… Eye contact… her subtle cleavage… Eye contact… What is she wearing? Eye contact… As you feel your heart beating in your chest…Eye contact… What color are her eyes? Eye contact… Are they green… like Santa’s… as you take a deep breath… Eye contact… her smooth legs… as you slowly exhale… her subtle cleavage… Eye contact… what color is her hair… is it a dark brown… as you look her in the eyes… or is it a bright fluffy white… like santa… as you look into her eyes and see yourself…reflected in her big green eyes…

Why do you feel the way you do… huh… as you look her in her eyes, and she looks at you in the eyes…

Even more… why is she holding that baby…

Back to the original post, which I think was about feeding the hungry ghost, it’s an effect that doesn’t last forever. (Despite what many may say.)
As you try to avoid it, and it grows, it also changes, because it’s now purely in your mind.
It may start to control you, but that’s okay, because now it is you, and you are controlling it.


I’m not thinking about a bunny with fluffy pink hairs, big red eyes and long droopy ears. I am thinking about fluffy pink hairs, big red eyes and ears seperately. I could think about a pink bunny (I’m thinking of one as I write this sentence, there it’s gone already) but I chose to think about what I read at that time.