Reproducing a city: base map and painting solids with bldgs

My interest is probably simple for experienced 3D people, but I’ve been frustrated trying it with Blender (last year was last time). I simply want to reproduce, as best I can, an 18th century city. I have schematic maps of the city and once saw reference to a tutorial on loading these as a ‘floor plan’ - but I could never find the tutorial. I have various images of the buildings (drawn and photographed) that I want to place on solids, formed on the basis of the plan. But something as simple as putting an image on the side of a solid also escapes me. I just glanced through the list of tutorials and don’t see anything quite like this. Nor have I tried it with the latest version of Blender.

Should this be relatively simple? (Laborious, I’m sure, but conceptually simple).

Thanks for any help.

Hi jimcheval,

You’re right - the process will be laborious, but it’s certainly possible.
For the floor plans, add planes that are the same proportions as the images and UV map the textures to them - that way they will be visible in 3D shaded view for your reference.

In terms of texturing the buildings with images you already have, again the key is UV mapping. Look naround for tutorials - definitely look at the documentation at