Reproducing these particle affects in blender

these are preety awesome, any ideas on how to replicate in blender, ive heard allot of critisim about blenders particles, but if it can replicate this ill be impressed :evilgrin:

I would guess that is all After Effects and the Action essentials pack from

I find Blender’s particle system very limiting when I try to use it for 2D work. It does have it’s uses but emulating Particular is not it’s strong point.

quality is a problem yea. but i’d say 4 emitting planes, some normal value, no gravity, and a vortex force field. after that alot of compositing work :slight_smile:

I don’t think this is 3D at all. Its postprecessed only. Pretty vanilla IMHO

it from the new compositing and effects program called hitfilm link here from fxhome

399 US. oh my ! Download demo

     The HitFilm free trial lets you try every feature of the software for an unlimited time. 			Export is limited to uploading 30 seconds in standard definition to YouTube.

standard definition??

That’s a pretty simple setup, though it looks like theirs is 2d due to the effect not being consistent
Basically just create some plane emitters and have them follow paths how you want the effect to travel
you can add in some random stuff so the particles start to float off as they die, it would probably look cooler than the vanilla effects in this video.