Reptile Creature

I started working on this creature for a few months now. I’ve been trying to learn about 3D modeling, animation and more. This project has been in hopes to teach my kids how basic movie compositing works. I’d be more than happy to discuss how I could improve on this character.

Here’s the basic process of creating this character.

  • Used old sketches for ideas
  • Polygon modeling based on sketched references (Blender)
  • Sculpted from a copy of the low poly mesh (Blender)
  • Baked Normal Map from High Poly Mesh (Blender)
  • Painted the model (Substance Painter)
  • Rigged and Weight Painted model (Blender)
  • Added muscle deformations w/ additional bones (Blender)
  • Added Shape Keys/Drivers (Blender)