Reptile dino thing

Model im making…22000 poly which is low for me, I really dont want to go any lower on this one tho.
Comments or crits…

I’m not sure how exactly ‘work in progress’ is supposed to apply here unless you plan on rigging it. XD It looks pretty finished to me.

Are those procedural textures? Cause if they are, you should bake them and roughen them up a bit. Sorta naturalize them. If they’re uv mapped images, the same applies.

The model is really beautifully done, though. :]

Corners of legs (elbow/heel) should be calused or thikened as they get more wear and the scale size varies depending on the location across the body, to uniform at the moment. But really nice model.

What you need to do is make the texture more random, like its great texture but its the same all round the model.

It kind of looks like the scales are too defined, or maybe they’re too small. I don’t really know what it is, but the scales don’t look quite right.

Thanks for the comments and crits.
This is a actually my first complex uv mapping done with blender, I had a lot of problems trying to get more random scale patterns to look right at the seams, tho I am still working on that.
Oh no its not done Im kind of thinking of adding something along the back, maybe translucent an colorful. Its uv mapped, but could you explain the baking thing you mentioned , I dont know how to do that, and if I did what you describe would it hold on the model when I export it, and someone else tries to use it?

I was thinking that maybe theyre actually to big, or maybe too deep, definetly to uniform, the seams are the real problem…trying to make them line up.