Reptile Foot sculpt

so i learned sculpting in blender last week and this is my first completed sculpt. I would be happy about some feedback

My workflow was:

  1. a rough dyntypo sculpt
  2. retopo
  3. detail sculpting ( the scales ) with the multiresolution modifier
  4. baking the normal map to the lowpoly

My Questions:

  1. What do you think of the sculpt? (picture 1,2 is the sculpted highpoly model)
  2. I have my doubts about my topology of the retopologised mesh (picture 3) , especially that i used some triangles
  3. my biggest question with the topology was how to convert 2 quad strips to one (pictures 4 is just a triangle and 5 is what i found in the internet but id does not seem very different to me)
  4. does it matter when i have such strange shading when im using a normal map anyway? (picture 6) (normal map in unity on picture 7)

the retopo has many tris and they should not be there because the point of retopology is to eliminate tris and have a simple model.

how can we live without tris. :spin:

here are the other pictures for questions 3 and 4