Reptile humanoid head

Hi and happy holidays everyone. ^^

I picked up Blender a few days ago. This program rocks. Though there are some things that seem less-than-intuitive, it’s true that you can get used to it quickly. I remember using version 1.43 a long time ago, following some kind of gear-making tutorial. Now with 2.4, I’m just floored at the usability improvements since then! It’s refreshing to see an open source program making great strides in UI enhancements.

I have a lot of experience at creating maps for games, but have more recently become enthralled with making my own props and decorative meshes in outside programs (i.e. Maya) such that learning a general purpose 3D program seems like a solid goal. Recently, my muse has been nagging to build some of my characters in 3D. They are predominantly “scaly” (reptilian humanoid).

These are some screencaps of one of the heads I’ve been going at for a couple days.

I basically want to know if I’m in the ballpark when it comes to her wireframe and fundamental design. Do I have too much going on? Too many loop cuts? Too little? Naturally, I acknowledge a lot of this is throwaway work. But I do just want to go shotgun and see what I end up with. :wink: Ideally, I want to make a model I can pose but not necessarily animate. I also want to render her in cel shading rather than photorealistic. Her mouth would basically articulate up and down rigidly, but her cheeks could deform for expressions.

I was going by some sketches of this character initially, but soon realized how misleading they were in the 3D world (there’s no way one eye would be so clear from a side view if both eyes are forward facing). Heh. Even if I don’t use 3D models in the long term, even crude ones can be very useful guides for 2D things. :wink:

Also, cause I’m such a n00b, I got all of these lines on the back of her head due to the loop cuts. What’s the best way to get rid of these without creating triangles elsewhere?


Nice man, your at the same place as me :slight_smile: so i cant really tell you anything…just fun to watch all us n00bs get better :smiley: I did a lizard aswell without a tutorial and i learned a hell of a lot man and you’ll learn to respect the tutorials. Anyway keep at it, if you find it to hard…hit your self. i mean it.


That is great work for a noob.

Thread is back from the dead! :o

Over the last several days, I worked on a body to go with the head.

Renders (with subdiv):

Shaded wireframes (without subdiv):

Also fooled around with materials and started to figure out the procedural texture stuff and how to apply multiple textures to an object. I did try UV mapping,

I’m sure the body in general needs a lot of work. I’m not too happy with the density of it. I wish it was more simplistic.

I want to cel shade these characters. I found the entry for toon shading in the Blender manual, as well as on this page, but I’d like to know more about the actual modeling for cel shading aspect. Do I have too many faces for something like that? How many should I aim for if cel shading, not photorealism, is the goal?


Here is another tut You doesn’t need any special modelling for making toon. Remove the breasts, I think it look more like a male than a female. Don’t have the tail stick out like that. Are you basing it on your avatar?


She’s most based on this character:

I haven’t really CG’ed a canonical version yet. She is one of the few females I have that actually has breasts (they don’t make too much sense on reptiles in the first place). One predecessor character didn’t and she was frequently mistaken for being male. :smiley:

She’s like 3,700 polygons before subdivision. Too me it seems like a lot for what she looks like (but a lot is wrapped up in the eyeballs and teeth). I really love the simplicity of this model ( ).

Her tail does need more muscle at its upper base, but it’s not supposed to be totally erect in practice either. Mostly throwaway work since her pupiless eyes and teeth scare me right now. :slight_smile:

Aside from the artistics of it, how is the technical aspect of the topology?

I think the topology is pretty good. But maybe make the muscles smaller, after all it ís a femme. Maybe you should change the topic name so it just be reptilian humanoid. You seem to like reptiles.