Reptilian Bust

Hello everybody, this is my first complete dyntopo bust, no retopo, uvs or maps everything is procedural materials, rendered in Blender Internal. please comment and tell me what do you think:D

pretty impressive! although i never managed to make organic shapes myself.
One quick tip though: you could use the texture paint tool, and make the sunken parts of the skin (like below the cheekbones) a little darker. This adds massive character. also, perhaps some damage to the chain’s ornaments (like rust and small dents), to make it look like he’s been in battle. I have to pay respect though. Nice work :slight_smile:

It looks like decent base for a sculpt, but currently it really lacks design and details. Hope you will continue working on it though, I’d rather see this thread in WIP section :slight_smile:

:yes: Yeah, I should have posted on a WIP section or at least on Dyntopo tests, I agree with you it lacks design and detail, It was an “hour test”, maybe I give it a chance to this model, I’m not sure, thanks for your comment.