Reptilian pride
Man I love sculpt mode, able to make a boxy and/or basic subsurfed object and create nice organic forms from it. Makes organic modeling much easier as this would’ve been a headache to model in 2.42 if I was to have all the detail.

Made in 2.43, adjusted contrast, enhanced edges and used a paint filter in PSP 7.

but i still think you can do better.

You hack these out really fast, but RobertT you ain’t. Why don’t you put some time and effort into a long, complex project.

You should try making his whole body, that would help you sharpen those modeling skills = )

Honestly, It’s terrible. Bad modeling, bad textures, bad lighting, and terrible composition/presentation. This belongs in the Blender Tests forum.

Pretty harsh there isn’t it?

You almost act like it’s the worst piece of art ever made with Blender. Is that true?:rolleyes:

it is not the worst render.
but with your reputation i think if you put the effort into it you could be dishing out projects like sago and RobertT.

Not everyone can make those wonderful texture mapped spheres you call planets.:no:

Get a life. Stop giving CD such a hard time.

CD: I think if you really think about the composition you could make this fairly good. Like everyone always says, I think you are capable of more, if you just spend more time on each project. Just my two cents.

Well. To be fair it sure beats the crud out of cubes.

It doesn’t look as good if you remove the paint effect I applied in PSP 7. I applied the paint effect because it seemed to make the image look better.

I was making this piece and kept the skin one solid color because my mind was pretty blank on what would make reptile scales more realistic. I thought that alone gave reason for the image looking better with a painted look.

Also note this was one of my first ever attempts as doing a detailed organic object with the mouth open. Though I have done that one plant creature and the face in the One can dream image as well as faces on objects I’ve never done anything with a good amount of detail on the creature itself (this is why I’ve been waiting for sculpt mode). I know practice is good if I want to finally get into organic modeling.

You shouldn’t rely on sculpt mode to make your models look better, cause it won’t help unless you know anatomy and stuff first, and have a decent grasp of the spatial relation-ships you’re trying to model.