Republic Commando Survival

Hiya :slight_smile: Here’s some progress from a game I have been working on called Commando Survival. It’s a zombie-survival game (like Call of Duty Zombies), but in the style of Star Wars Republic Commando. If I can get a co-op function working, then it’ll be co-op too. I have been working mostly on the First Person set-up, 2D-Filters, effects (fire and rain) and models/textures. No levels yet and I am still working on weapons. I am a terrible animator, so if anyone wants to help rig and animate (or help in any other way), send me a message :wink:

Here is some progress of what I have done so far:

I’ll post more updates as soon as I finish a model.

Not bad! they look cool!
And better try and make it single player,co-op means a lot of scripting and a network system. Currently me agoose77 and JosipKladaric are working on coop multiplayer and its a lot of work…

Thanks :slight_smile: I think I’ll stay away from co-op until I have finished single-player.

Great job bud.

Excellent models and texturing! I can’t wait to see more! Sounds like it’ll be a fun game.


i like it great job man

Haha thanks everyone :slight_smile:

You better tell us what happened to Sev >:( As far as I know, this is the sequal. :wink:

@cam.dudes Haha, well I wish I could work on a sequel, but I think that should be left to the developers who made the first :wink: Also, I think this is going to be based during the training on Kamino (the droids/enemies will be like holograms), so it is before, not after :slight_smile:

I worked on a standard clone

I based it off the ones in Republic Commando, so that’s why the head looks all messed up… :wink:

I worked on a Super Battle Droid. I think the textures are a bit stretched in some places… Looks good nonetheless.

Awesome! I have dreamed to play a zombie like game in the universe of Star Wars. Just one thing, you use the same specularity for the shader of the clone troopers as the droids? Because it looks too metallic.
You will use Blender Game Engine or Unity?

Double post sorry.

Are the supers going to be giants?

@linko - The clone armor is supposed to look metallic… I don’t like the clean “plasticy” look of the clones like in Episode 2. The color grading filter also makes it look more grey. I am using Blender Game Engine - I prefer it to every other game engine I have used, even if it is a bit lacking.

@cam.dudes - The supers are going to be about 1.6 times the height of the droids, so yeah, they’re pretty big :smiley:

I did a bit of work and made a damaged super battle droid:

And then made a gunship:

I’ll be uploading some of the FPS gameplay mechanics next (When I can get them working)

This is looking soooo awesome :smiley: How’s it going so far??

The game’s going backwards, unfortunately. I need to rework many of the gameplay features and graphics (I lost my main setup .blend file and only have the models left). I’m storing everything in dropbox in future. I’m also horrendous at rigging and animating, so that’s a real pain. I’ll upload some work soon…ish. Have exams coming up.